Icelandic Biofuel

All over the world increasing emphasis is on production of alternative energy replacing traditional fossil fuel in transportation as well as reducing the overall foreign dependency on energy supply- increasing local sustainability in energy usage. The project, Icelandic Biofuels, aims at investigating the opportunity to produce different biofuels from Icelandic biomass available as waste material from households and industry. Also, assessment will be made of the opportunity to use energy plants for biofuel production as well as other biological material not used as an energy source for humans or animals. Feasibility study will be conducted of different routes towards biofuel production and technology developed to optimize the holistic benefits in production and usage of different biofuel types. I n this three year project starting in January 2010 the emphasis will be on ethanol, DME, FT-diesel, methane, methanol and hydrogen.

Icelandic Biofuels is divided into 9 areas of responsibility distributed among five active participants in the research project.

1.0: Raw materials that can be used for biofuel production in Iceland
2.0: Types of biofuels produced in Iceland from various raw materials
3.0: Pretreatment of biomass
4.1: Bioethanol
4.2: Bio Hydrogen and BioMethane
4.3: Gasification and production of different types of fuels
5.0: Calculation of the amount of various biofuels that can be produced in Iceland
6.0: Conceptual design
7.0: Feasibility study
8.0: Coordination and Management
9.0: Presentation

Project management is assign to The University of Akureyri (UNAK) and other active participant are, AUI, Mannvit, Matís (Prokaria) and SORPA 


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